Drama at the first Korean Grand Prix

This entry was posted on Monday, October 25th, 2010

Sunday saw the first Korean Grand Prix, and what a debut for future races to live up to. With heavy rain delaying the start, and fading light threating to end the race before all 55 laps had been covered, the Korean GP was one of the most eventful races in the past few months.

The race also saw a change in the driver’s championship top spot. Mark Weber (who went into the race well in front of the rest of the pack with 220 points), spun out on the wet track after 18 laps, taking Nico Rosberg out with him and putting the top of the leaderboard into play.

Weber’s teammate Sebastian Vettel led for much of the race, but with just ten laps to go, suffered a catastrophic engine failure – showering parts all over the track and leaving the way open for Fernando Alonso to win the race & claim the 25 points.

With only 2 races left this season, it’s all to play for.  We all saw yesterday how one or two incidents can change everything in a heartbeat, so even though Jensen Button’s pretty much written off his chances of winning this year, one big pile up at Sao Paulo or in Abu Dhabi can get him straight back in it, unlikely as that may be.

Only 25 points separate the top four drivers, meaning that those in second, third and fourth should be going all out for a win in order to have any chance of wresting the leadership from Alonso. This can only be good news for us as fans – and should result in a truly exciting finish to the season.

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