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This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Yep, Still Going…

It’s a strange year for the X Factor. The format seems desperate with “warring judges” having regular spats in a bid to up the drama with popularity waning, and yet the standard of the contestants is actually very high.

Ella, Jahmene and James Arthur would all have been shoo-ins to win the show in years gone by, creating a very interesting market at the top of the table. Ella had a weak outing on Saturday, not because her voice faltered, but because her song choice was vanilla. Conversely the two boys had triumphant weeks – Jahmene is edging forward from the shadows, thanks to a genuinely depressing backstory combined with vocal runs that go on for weeks. If you’re talking “journeys” this kid’s got the lot. While James Arthur seems to be the most “current” artist in there, with the right mix of Saturday night primetime popularity, and achingly cool Radio One credibility. You could imagine him being mates with that Grimshaw thing.

The rest are basically also-rans, with none of them looking capable of breaking the Top Three. The Top Group market looks interesting with the pendulum swinging in favour of District 3 this week, despite an absolutely dreadful mash-up which Barlow was particularly offended by. The gap between them is paper-thin. Kye and Lucy would be wise to start packing away their things in the next couple of weeks. Both were never going to be more than journeymen, and that journey is definitely coming to an end. It would take a miracle of preposterous proportions to see them last beyond the final five.

Talking of miracles, there are two possible dark horses. Rylan and Christopher. Despite his constant blubbing and infuriating song choices, the word on the grapevine is that Christopher is running away with the public votes. This ridiculous state of affairs should lose impact as the acts dwindle, but don’t underestimate the power of the Scouse vote. It’s worked wonders in the past for appalling acts like Ray Quinn. And Rylan is basically this year’s Chico – he won’t win, but could well hang around far longer than is expected/welcome. Back him to reach the final three at 7.2 with Betfair.

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