X Factor 2011 Update

This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Yep, Still Going.

The fact that 3million or so fewer people appear to be watching the X Factor this year has been attributed to all manner of nonsense by media experts. A better version of Strictly is apparently luring away viewers (I hadn’t noticed), annoying new judges are sitting in the hotseats (because we all miss that Minogue woman) or even the relatively better November weather has meant more people are outside exercising on a Saturday night (!!!)

The truth however, as so often in these cases, is simple. Perhaps people are just tired of the manipulation, the exaggeration, but above all, the repetition. Lazy producers resort to regurgitating old acts who were either popular or controversial, and hope we won’t notice. But we do!!!

Take last week’s evictee Janet Devlin for example. She has been seen before, then known as Diana Vickers, who was also the favourite to win her series (5) at one stage before taking an early bath. Both adopted a frightened pixie persona when off-stage, and neither seem to enjoy the discomfort that one associates with wearing shoes.

Our personal value bet remains Misha Bryan (now out to 13.5 to win) who appears to be an amalgamation of many contestants of years bygone. Her confident swagger and bad habit of adding raps to her songs bring to mind Cher Lloyd from last year. She also has a similar soulfulness to Alisha Bennett (Series Four) and Treyc Cohen (Series Seven).

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