World Cup Draw – Talking Balls

This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

It hasn’t taking this long to remove some balls from a bag, since the days when slow castration was used as an implement of torture. But never mind all that – what of the draw itself? What have we learned from the events of Friday afternoon, other than that Sepp Blatter likes the company of sexy, young women? Which we could probably have guessed anyway.

Whilst many have already written England’s obituary, we at Oggs are far more positive. If the three Lions can hold Italy 0-0 (as we did in Euro 2012) and repeat the trick against Uruguay, then a win in our final match against Costa Rica will see us qualify, possibly even as group winners. Now that doesn’t sound too hard for a Woy Hodgson team does it.

In addition, given the weakness of Group C, our potential second round clash with Colombia, the Ivory Coast or Japan is perfectly winnable. So expect the standard quarter-final exit, with the head held if not high, at least not languishing below sea-level.

In our opinion, the big winner from Friday evening (other than Sepp who got to handle ladies), was Bosnia. A decent chance of the runner-up slot from their group, the easiest Round of 16 match given the top seeds in their quarter are Switzerland, and then a quarter final in the kinder half of the draw, that avoids the two favourites, Brazil and Spain. Having met Argentina in the group stage also guarantees dodging them in the Quarters, so that takes care of the 3rd favourites too. Back them to lay at 260.

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