Valentine’s Eve

This entry was posted on Monday, February 13th, 2012

***GUY REMINDER*** – Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Get a present tonight if you don’t want to spend the rest of February trying to make it up to her…

Yup, it’s that time of year again when girls get excited for what presents they’re going to get, guys are panicking trying to get a last minute gift/book a table at her favourite restaurant. Single people are either excited at the opportunity to ask someone out, or feeling a bit jaded that they’re not with anyone at the moment.

For the mischievous amongst you, Valentine’s Day provides a great opportunity for prankage, though you do have to be careful messing with people’s feelings. Unless you’re a b*stard/b*tch.

If you’re looking for some last minute ideas, here are a few ideas that might help you out (aimed at guys, cos let’s face it ladies, you’ve probably had this one sorted for a while)

  1. Make the card yourself – you don’t have to have DaVinci’s art skills, the effort that has gone into it will get you a lot of brownie points. Try to personalise it with an ‘in-joke’ or a shared moment/memory – a favourite photo of the two of you together could work…
  2. Spend time on the message – Girls love messages. Fact. Remember at the end of camp/school when everyone wrote each other messages? Guarantee you that you remember the girls writing essays to each other. The message doesn’t have to be mushy, just tell her what you like about her, why you like spending time together, and the things that you appreciate her for (if you can’t think of anything, then I’d be a bit worried)
  3. Cook dinner – Easier than trying to find a ‘proper’ present, and much easier than booking in at a restaurant which will be jam full of other couples. Plus there’s always food in the shops, so you won’t have to run around like a headless chicken looking for an appropriate present that doesn’t look like you’ve got it from the newsagent. Unless you’re well practiced, keep it simple. Soup is an easy starter – usually you can just stick the ingredients in and boil it all up. Main course can be trickier, but whatever you do, stay away from garlic, onions etc… (if you don’t know why, then you’ll find out the hard way!)
  4. Flowers – Like messages, a lot of girls love flowers, but they can be expensive. You’ll need to order these, or at least think about getting them earlier in the day – if you’re on your way home from work, it’s probably too late, as the only ones left in the shops by that time will probably look a little miserable.
  5. Surprises – You don’t need to make a grand gesture like booking tickets to Paris, small gifts and surprises can work just as well. If you can pull it off, try to arrange for small surprises during the day, e.g. hiding notes/gifts in her bag/lunch, (depending on whether or not she’s likely to be embarrassed) send some surprise flowers to her at work, etc… Try to build up to what you have planned in the evening (i.e. dinner)

Remember, just put some thought into it and you’ll be fine.

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