US Presidential Election – Classic – Bush v Gore 2000

This entry was posted on Monday, November 5th, 2012

The battle that launched the word ‘chad’. 

With all the talk of the “closest presidential race in history”, it seems like a good time to look at an election that truly was the closest in history, the 2000 race to replace Bill Clinton – a battle between the Democrat cloud-botherer Al Gore, and Republican electric-chair fanatic George ‘Dubya’ Bush. What a choice kids – them was the days.

It all came down to Florida’s 25 electoral votes, where due to Americans’ love of inventing things (see taps), a new form of voting ended up in a massive lawsuit, and the Presidency unresolved in the days and weeks following election day.

Ultimately, George Bush came out victorious, and led the world magnificently in the eight years subsequent. Oh no, that is wrong. He actually wrecked the concept of democracy with his invasion on Iraq, and destroyed Western capitalism too with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Ah good old democracy. It isn’t much comfort of course to the millions of dead, and millions of unemployed, that Dubya didn’t even win the popular vote in 2000, the first time that had happened in 112 years.

We don’t expect anything like such shenanigans this Tuesday evening. Talk of a close race is largely propaganda from Republican sources such as Fox News. All the polls in the swing states are showing strongly for the incumbent, and we would urge a big punt on Obama at 1.26 with our good friends at Betfair.

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