Two to Watch – Republican Presidential Nominee

This entry was posted on Monday, August 1st, 2011

Who next to make a big mess even worse.

Jon M.Huntsman

Amidst the various maniacs the Republican party seem keen to inflict on the electorate, one man stands above the fray. Jon Huntsman has been the US Ambassador to China for the past couple of years, and is a fairly conservative type of conservative.

However, having been originally nominated for the China gig by Obama, his association with the current President won’t go down too well with a fiercely anti-Obama Republican base. If he does sneak the nomination, expect election debates to be of a far chummier nature than usual.

Jon Huntsman is 18 to be the Republican nominee at Betfair. If the current stand-off over debt ends messily for the Republicans, they may be forced to turn to someone ‘normal.’ That makes Huntsman the value.

Michelle Bachmann

There are very few walks of life where being the ‘new Sarah Palin’ might be a benefit. Standing for Republican Presidential nominee however, is one of them. Whilst the Liberal media, particularly over here, may sneer at the simplicity of Bachmann’s message, America may be seeking the antithesis of the lofty, distant Obama.

In recent weeks, the forensic examining of candidates by the US media has revealed the sensational news that Bachmann suffers from headaches. If that is as dirty as the scandal gets, and more importantly, if Palin can rally her own support behind her rival, Bachmann stands a good chance to be the next President (28 with Betfair.)

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