The Winter Olympics 2014 (Part 2)

This entry was posted on Friday, February 7th, 2014

5 Things to Watch Out For

3. A British medal (or perhaps even two):

You may have noticed that although we would be quite decent in a ‘Wetter Olympics’ right now, one thing we don’t have lots of here in Blighty is snow. Any medal from a Brit in Sochi is therefore probably a far bigger achievement than anything Mo & Co racked up in London (there also isn’t infinite funding for these winter athletes. And no hot-weather training in Dubai.)
Our best chances lie with Eve Muirhead’s Scotland, who won the Curling World Championship last year, and arrive in Sochi under the tutelage of Rhona Martin as favourites. Our ten Games average is one medal per competition, and it would be disappointing not to match that this time around. Lay the no-medal at 2.2 with Betfair.
There could also be success in skeleton (Shelley Rudman & Lizzy Yarnold should both contend) and the new sport of freeskiing slopestyle (through James Woods and Katie Summerhayes). There is also Billy Morgan in the snowboarding. Speaking of which…

4. There will be a decent drugs scandal:

Because lets face it, London 2012 had a lot going for it, but what it really lacked was a Ben Johnson, a Diego Maradona, a ‘that Greek bloke crashing his bike conveniently.’ No such problems in the Winter Games; in sports like snowboarding, dope is part of the equipment. Somebody who wins a medal will fall foul of the piss-takers at some point.

5. There will be some spectacular crashes:

But hopefully, everyone will come home safe this time.

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