The Winter Olympics 2014 (Part 1)

This entry was posted on Thursday, February 6th, 2014

5 Things to Watch Out For…

For a political leader as strategically astute as Vladimir Putin, it is a little puzzling that he didn’t think this whole Winter Games lark through; staging the campest global event in a country where the homosexuality thing is a little bit frowned on. And now it has all backfired.  The world’s media is encamped in Sochi feverishly devouring any homophobia at all. (Murdering Chechens however, is apparently still ok.) Russia’s international image far from being enhanced, has slid.

So in addition to watching Clare Balding lesbianing about over the next two weeks, here are some other things to look out for.

1.     USA vs Russia

At every games, at some point, there will be a gold medal battle between the big two of winter sports (China aren’t that arsed right now.) Cue lots of footage of the Miracle on Ice. This time around, the US hockey team aren’t all that, so the big battle could be at the top of the medals table. Russia are 11.5 with Betfair to win the most golds (ahead of the USA at 4 with Norway the favourites), so get aboard that one for some value.

2.     Slopestyle will blow you away

When the summer games introduces a new sport, it is typically something tedious and self-serving like Golf. Not for the snow-nutters however. Welcome slopestyle where the goal is to perform the most difficult tricks while getting the highest amplitude off jumps, with an emphasis on performing different types of tricks instead of doing one great trick repeatedly. Watch it!

(Part 2 tomorrow!)

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