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Wimbledon, You Can Not Be Serious! Or Can You?

WITH Wimbledon just around the corner, I thought it might be worth turning the attention of this online gambling blog’s regulars to the world’s most famous tennis tournament – and, more specifically, how one can make a few bob from betting on it. But first of all, like in all betting mediums, one has to ask the question: How straight is the game? That’s a pre-requisite for betting on any sport. Horseracing has probably the worst reputation in this department. Most punters – and almost all losing ones – feel that the game is bent. They’d rather blame a jockey on the take/make for their own inadequacies. Almost certainly a losing punter will simply have picked the wrong horse. But... Continue reading...

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Royal Ascot Fashion, Fillies, Festival & The Queen

THEY’RE trained to the minute; their skin glistening in the summer sunshine. Some are perfectly poised; others are sweating profusely as they jig around the paddock. Some are a bit on the leg; others are a lot on the leg. Some look fit, trained to the minute; others look as if the run would do them good. But wait a minute, they may be fillies, but they certainly aren’t horses! For this is Royal Ascot where there are as many lovely-looking fillies off course as there are on the track itself. It’s a fashion show and racing festival all rolled into one. Unlike the Cheltenham Festival, where sensible clothing is very much the order of the day and the horses... Continue reading...

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Cricket Bets, Bats and Gambling

PEOPLE have gone to prison or been fined huge amounts for insider share dealing – the ultimate white collar crime. But as far as I know, neither Dennis Lillee nor Rodney Marsh served any time at all for backing England to beat Australia in the match that has been dubbed ‘Botham’s Test’ at Headingley back in 1981. Lillee and Marsh, two of the stars of the Australia side which was already one-up in the five-Test Ashes series, reckoned they were getting good value, taking the 500-1 on offer by Ladbrokes; odds offered, incidentally, by Ladbrokes’ cricketing guru, Godfrey Evans, the be-whiskered former England and Kent wicket-keeper. After all, England were on 105-5 in their second innings, still 126 runs in... Continue reading...

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Derby Defining Moments

SOMETIMES one’s life is defined by those moments you can simply never ever forget. You know the sort of thing I mean. Where were you when… JFK was shot; JR was shot; John Lennon was shot; man landed on the moon; Elvis died. For me, the Derby defines my life. My first memory of the great race was hearing Charlottown and Scobie Breasley winning in 1966. I was sitting in the car with my late father – the man who got me interested in the racing game – parked on the sea front at Blackpool all those years ago. If I’m not mistaken it was the unique histrionic tones of Peter Bromley who called the 5-1 shot home. Then there... Continue reading...

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The Beauty of Backing 2 Year Old Thoroughbred Racehorses

I FINALLY met up with The One-Armed Man, something Dr Richard Kimble, better known as David Janssen, failed to do in 120 episodes of the classic American television series The Fugitive. Kimble, some of you may remember, was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit, managed to escape when the train transporting him to a maximum security prison was de-railed, and spent the rest of his life – well, all of the series – trying in vain to track down the real killer, The One-Armed Man. However, the one-armed man I refer to is a semi-professional gambler who lives in Wolverhampton and frequents the Midlands tracks. I hadn’t seen him in about five years but we still share... Continue reading...

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The invention of political betting

RON POLLARD, Ladbrokes’ legendary odds-maker, claimed he invented political betting. He said so in his irreverent and entertaining autobiography, ‘Odds and Sods, My Life in the Betting Business’, which was published in 1991. But he’s way out of line. Pollard may have started political betting in the UK in the wake of the Christine Keeler affair when he opened a book on the Tory leadership race in 1963. However, 47 years earlier, in 1916, the Americans wagered the equivalent of $160million in today’s money on the race for the White House contested by Woodrow Wilson and Charles Evans Hughes. Even though he was pretty late on the scene in global terms, Pollard gave Ladbrokes a tremendous boost and acres of... Continue reading...

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There Is Only One Race – The GRAND NATIONAL!

THERE was the ‘Race of the Century’ when Grundy and Bustino locked horns for the King George and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes at Ascot in 1975. And there’s the ‘Race that stops a Nation’ – the Melbourne Cup when the whole of Australia grinds to a halt to watch a handicap, albeit a very valuable one! There was even a two-legged version of the ‘Race of the Century’ when Seb Coe – now Lord Coe – and Steve Ovett – still plain, old Mr Ovett – clashed in the 800 metres final at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. But there is only one race that captures the hearts and minds of virtually the whole world – and that’s the Grand National.... Continue reading...

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The best ideas are the simplest – What odds Betfair?

THEY say the best ideas are always the simplest. So I got to thinking about whether, in another life, I might have invented the internal combustion engine or television or even the light bulb. Not so simple eh? But then I turned my attention to the phenomenal phenomenon known as betting exchanges. Well, here is a one-trick pony if ever I saw one. All you do is match a backer with a layer and if, in the words of the popular quiz game, the price is right, you have a match. It couldn’t be easier – and it’s all based on the stock market idea of matching buyers and sellers that’s been around for what seems like donkey’s years. Since... Continue reading...

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Irish Invasion – Must be the Cheltenham Festival

AS ‘The Voice of Racing’ – Sir Peter O’Sullevan – once said: ‘To end the meeting with a small fortune, you have to start off with a big fortune’. He was, if my memory serves me right, referring to Royal Ascot. But the greatest ever commentator, now well into his eighties and still almost as active as ever, could, just as easily, have been talking about the Cheltenham Festival – the four-day betting bonanza that is now just around the corner. The meeting has become something of an annual pilgrimage for both the English and the Irish, but it is the latter who raise the meeting to a completely different level compared with other festivals and big meetings. The Irish come... Continue reading...

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Mug Punter Club – Part 2 – How to avoid the Club online

I BET you thought I overlooked online casinos. No way!   I needed to show how easy it was to slip into the Mug Punter Club in offline gambling, despite the safety net of regulation developed over centuries, the online punter is more vulnerable because he may be out on his own, wandering through a vast desert with enough quick sand patches not yet signposted. No Jockey Club to keep rogue operators in check and no Gambling Commission ensuring fair play. It is also easier to lose control charging a credit card than dealing with hard money transactions. So, no shortage of pitfalls to gobble a punter’s ‘betting bank’ electronically and speedily; I won’t try to get into how many national banks... Continue reading...

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