Rugby League World Cup Final – Australia vs England

This entry was posted on Friday, December 1st, 2017

The What….?

Hang out the bunting – England are in yet another World Cup Final. And without wishing to bleat like a Northerner, it is of course wrong that far greater attention was paid to, for example, under-age football over the summer.

But the general rule of British sport is that during the football season, nobody cares about anything else. Unless of course it is disability sport or womens sport, in which case it gets rammed down our throats by the Beeb, and we are forced to care. Thugs from Leeds. Less so.

Of course, one could be less cynical and instead simply point out that there is very little chance of England actually winning this thing. Everyone expected them to reach the final, and lose to the Aussies, so thus far, there is no real story. The Aussies are as short as 1.12 on Betfair.

If there is to be an upset, England are going to have to slay Valentine Holmes. Possible literally, but at the very least, stop the man with a ridiculous eleven tries in the knockout phase so far. What is more worrying though, is that England haven’t really played well yet, stumbling and bumbling through so far. Is there a big performance in them to come? Can Sam Burgess and Jermaine McGilvary produce some magic? Can Elliott Whitehead and James Graham keep tackling like bilio?

Maybe not. But 8.6 is a huge price in a two-horse race, that less we forget, could have gone either way in the opening match. Have a patriotic punt this weekend.

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