Montenegro vs England

This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

5 Things to Watch for…

  1. ‘Do or Die’ headlines. This is it we will be told by Sky. Well not really. Even in the unlikely event of a Montenegro win (and they have never beaten anyone decent in their history), they will still have to win in Basel four days later, where Switzerland have only lost once in the past three years. And even if the Three Lions get a kicking, we still thrown the bone of a two-legged play-off against a second-tier nation such as Belgium or Greece. In short, England will be fine. Panic over.
  2. That Gary Lineker goal will be shown. Because a goal scored to qualify for Euro ’92 is highly relevant twenty years on.
  3. That Terry Butcher clip will be shown (brilliantly mocked here). Because a terrific defensive display that saw us qualify for Italia 90… (you get the idea with that one.)
  4. Our black players will get booed. Because without wishing to stereotype, that is pretty much what happens when England play pretty much anywhere outside of Northern Europe these days. There will be some outrage in the British media and a suit from UEFA will mutter vaguely condemnatory words. Nothing else will happen though, as said suit will be too busy checking where Arsene Wenger was sat at a recent football match.
  5. Saturday’s papers will contain at least one columnist (probably Ian Wright) proclaiming that England will win Euro 2012. We won’t…
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