Monaco Grand Prix 2011

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5 things to watch out for at the Circuit de Monaco

F1 is pretty glamorous even on a wet weekend at the Hungaroring, but it is at Monaco where the glitz and the sparkle of Formula One, synergises perfectly with the wealthy surroundings. This truly is one for the rich and the famous – although the Sugababes turned up last year too.

The beauty of Monaco is that it simply takes place in the middle of a town. Normal roads are turned into Grand Prix racetrack overnight. No doubt partly due to such layman attractions, 650m viewers will watch Sunday’s race on television – the largest worldwide audience for any GP.

Here are five things to watch out for.

1) Monaco’s layout is unique. Placed precariously close to a harbour, as well as including a tunnel on the route, drivers face different challenges to anything else on the circuit. They might even get wet.

2) Due to the tight nature of the track, the Monaco Grand Prix is no stranger to a crash or two. In fact, based on previous races, there is a 60% probability of the safety car being deployed at some stage on Sunday.

3) In addition, there are a huge 55 gear changes required on each lap, which equates to almost 4,300 shifts during the 78 lap race.

4) They may epitomise F1 glamour, but Ferrari have not won in Monaco for a decade. Steer carefully before backing Alonso or Massa.

5) When placing a bet, bear in mind that it is extremely hard to overtake at Monaco, so keep an eye out for who starts on pole. The driver starting first has won six of the last seven Monaco Grand Prix.

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