Mercury Music Prize 2014

This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

The Industry’s Annual Cry for Attention

Damon Albarn was the headline act to be nominated for this year’s Mercury Music Prize, but his first solo album is no great shakes, and the judges arguably just threw his name in the pot to generate some headlines.

The only other established name is Bombay Bicycle Club whose fourth album So Long See You Tomorrow is pretty much what the judges will be saying (it’s a lay).

So attention turns to the seven newbies on the list, particularly given that seven of the winners in the past decades were on debut. The most important thing to note when betting on this market is that the winner can truly come from out of nowhere – don’t let larger odds be a deterrant. GoGo Penguin at 16s is the perfect bet if you’re in that frisky sort of mood.

Elsewhere, Anna Calvi’s One Breath isn’t as good as her first album whilst Polar Bear keep doing what Polar Bear do. It shouldn’t be enough to win a Mercury however. Likewise the favourite Nick Mulvey’s First Mind, although it should be noted that before last year, the leader with the bookies had won three prizes running.

If the judges want to go all body piercings and mayhem on us, Royal Blood could be the bet at 6. Whilst if they want to reward Scotland for saying ‘no’, Edinburgh rap trio Young Fathers will be the beneficiaries (11.5)

Whoever you back, don’t go wild. Substances are taken before the prize is decided dontcha know…

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