Grand National Betting

Here at Oggs we have a few more thoughts on the Grand National and the team are divided on who they are going to back this year. Plotting the history we see familiar names, we all have our own champions and we all have a ‘nearly’ story. ‘But what are we all betting on this year?’ I hear you ask, well read on, find out and see if you agree.  Aintree, 10th April, The Grand National betting spectacular. The busiest betting day of the year in the UK. Horses, riders, bookies, punters, the tipsters; who will be the 2010 Grand National hero? Did you know the Grand National is the most bet on horse race in the whole world? Now that’s a... Continue reading...

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The War of The Wolds – Kauto Star v's Denman 2010

The annual Cheltenham Festival horse racing kicks off on the 16th March and runs to the 19th March, but there is one race on the last day of the event that is all of a twitter, the Cheltenham Gold Cup, Kauto Star vs Denman, 1-1 so far and it’s been dubbed the War of the Wolds! The festival has been so keenly awaited, especially after Kauto Star’s impressive win over Denman in 2009’s Gold Cup. The bookies have Kauto Star edging it over Denman, 1-1 so far against each other, both superb chasers what ever the outcome it’s no doubt going to be close. William Hill and several other British bookmakers can be found here on UK Bookmakers pages in... Continue reading...

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Help spread the word 'Help Haiti' banners appeal

Here at Oggs we are well accustomed to helping others and doing what we can for charities. So when we were asked today to help spread the word and get more people to know about an online iniative here in the UK to get as many sites as possible to display banners raising money for those stricken and in need after the terrible earthquake in Haiti we of course said yes and very proud to add our weight in getting the message out to as many sites and supporters as possible. So in passing on the batton to you our avid readers, all we ask is that you too help spread the word via your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, Email,... Continue reading...

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Best Bets and Tips for 2010

BEST BETS 2010… but first a funny video Right, forget the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, here are some of the best tips for this year, and not from Alan (!) What are the best bets in 2010? You need look no further than the world of sport this year. Plenty of good online casino reviews etc on Oggs main site, but let’s look at the sporting tips in certainly a busy year to come. Let’s start with the World Cup football in South Africa this summer, Ladbrokes and other bookies have these odds 11/2 for England to heal 44 years of hurt and win. Sky Bet offer 150/1 on David Beckham clinching the trophy by hitting the winning penalty in a... Continue reading...

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Christmas No 1 – Rage Against The Machine v’s Cowell’s Xfactor Winner

The Xfactor, Britain’s most watched TV talent show, crowned Joe McElderry its winner last weekend. Simon Cowell’s creation in recent years has then grabbed the UK’s coveted Christmas No 1 Single position, but this year there is a groundswell of protestors on both Facebook and Twitter leading a campaign to put real music, not manufactured and manipulated pop on top of the charts. It’s alleged that Cowell has a large stake in Sony Record’s Rage Against The Machine and even this face off between the two contenders is just a way for him to make even more money. Let’s not put it past him, the manipulation of the media week after week by who and what happens on Xfactor is... Continue reading...

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What are the odds on a white Christmas?

Here we snow, here we snow, here we snow! Yes it’s that time of year again when every paper, commentator and Joe Public start to discuss the odds of it being a white Christmas. Well as most of the UK knows today it’s already white and slushy, what with an early blizzard covering large swathes of the British Isles. So is it an odds-on dead cert that Christmas Day will be snowey or just slush or bare with no more flurries. In the UK you can bet by city, so offering a better opportunity of calling it right. Paddy Power and Sky Bet offer some of the best odds and offer introductory bonuses too when you join them. I had... Continue reading...

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See The Stars! – Sports Personality of the Year 2009 – spread the word!

Christmas is coming, awards season is coming and not only at Oggs, but also at the BBC with the annual Sports Personality of the Year Awards to be decided in just a few weeks time. Such greats as Henry Cooper, David Beckham, Nigel Mansell, Princess Anne, Dame Kelly Holmes, the list goes on and on for more than 30 years, have won the coveted silver TV camera trophy. This year could be the most open there has ever been. Not an Olympic or World Cup year the achievements in the big sports, like Football, Tennis, Golf, Athletics, Rugby and Cricket have not thrown up any major achievers, but perhaps it’s a fight out between an athlete, boxer or racing car... Continue reading...

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World Cup the Final Countdown

This weekend saw the first of the two leg World Cup play-offs and many of the favoured teams are still not safely on the plane to South Africa 2010. France, Portugal, Russia and Uruguay all take one goal leads into their second legs on Wednesday night. Elsewhere minnows New Zealand booked their place, the first time in 28 years joining Australia who also had pre-qualified and gives the Oceania group its strongest showing ever in the football finals. Egypt looked like they would be staying at home until the 94th minute and a last gasp equaliser versus Algeria now requires a further one-off play-off game between the two sides to split the difference and send one heading south next year... Continue reading...

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Fall In Soldier! COD 6 – Modern Warfare 2 – Gaming History

Today is the official launch of COD6 Modern Warfare 2, dubbed the most anticipated game of the decade by many gamers across the world. Oggs reviewer JC got his hands on a copy 24 hours early of the eagerly anticipated sequel to Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare and his verdict after 8 hours straight gaming? AWESOME! Playing through the many levels the action is fast paced, breathtaking at times and the cut scenes look no different to the gameplay, the graphics, sound and feel is that precise and good. All the buttons are the same, the amount of kit and mods has been cranked up and 18 player multi-player works so sweetly you just can’t put it down.... Continue reading...

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Future of Gaming: games bigger than films!

It was with great interest today that I viewed on YouTube the longest advert I’ve ever seen for a game. It wasn’t a walkthrough video, nor the developers talking about how they created it. It was in fact a 14 minute and 11 second epic film, setting the scene for the upcoming Assassins Creed II out this Autumn across the world. It just goes to prove that the video games industry, not even the gambling industry nor the film industry is now the main driver of entertainment. The rise of home entertainment, electronics, computing power and bandwidth are transforming areas of the leisure industry once deemed nerdy and geeky and the lines between passive watching and interaction are firmly merged... Continue reading...

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