ICC Twenty20 World Cup

This entry was posted on Friday, September 14th, 2012

3 Rules for Betting on Twenty20. 

You know the deal by now folks – if it’s a day ending in a ‘y’, it must be time for another cricket competition. But wait – don’t stop reading yet; this one is good. And England are the holders. Ding Dong. Here are three things to consider when punting on the T20 World Cup.

1) Ignore the hype:

Yes – Kevin Pietersen isn’t there. And yes – he was player of the Tournament at the last World Cup. But an absence of a key man in T20 is nowhere near as damaging as it is in a test series, or even a 50 over tournament. As we saw in the recent matches against South Africa, KP’s replacement in the test, James Taylor, accrued about a couple of hundred fewer runs than Pietersen would have. In T20, the brilliant Jos Buttler came in, and smashed it around to equal effect. In short, it is much easier to play a match-winning T20 innings, than a test one. KP may not be missed.

2) Welcome to Aintree:

The T20 World Cup is effectively the Grand National of cricket. With matches so swift, there are limitless possibilities for upsets and chaos, and it is little surprise that other than New Zealand and England, all the big sides are priced within a whisker of each other. As with the National, it might not be a tournament worth smashing your mortgage on.

3) Back Pakistan:

It would be rude not to back a side from the sub-continent given the venue, and we just feel it is Pakistan’s time. Get involved at 8 with Betfair.

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