Formula 1 2015 – Two to Watch

This entry was posted on Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Him or Him

In a world where sports are sometimes quite literally having to take their clothes off to add some excitement, it is nothing short of a miracle that Formula 1 survives. Watching cars whizz round a dull track in a predictable order seems immune from other sports’ inability to attract the modern two-second-attention-span audience. Maybe the whole thing is just one big ponzi scheme, and Bernie Ecclestone will spend the rest of his life inside. We can but hope.

So which of the two Mercedes drivers will do the whole tedious thing quicker than the other. Testing suggests it will boil down to either Hamilton or Rosberg – in Barcelona, Rosberg’s 1m 22.8s and Lewis Hamilton’s 1m 23.0s laps put them 1-2 at the top of the overall lap times

Whilst Valtteri Bottas got within half a tenth of a second of Hamilton, he did his time on supersoft tyres, whereas the Mercedes duo were on softs. Pirelli say there is about 1.5 seconds between the two compounds, which for the non-geeks amongst you, means Mercedes have only gone and increased their advantage over the rest of the field since last season.

Hamilton’s odds of retaining the Driver’s Championship have shortened to 1.66 – if you want to take advantage of this, perhaps wait until the first couple of races. If Lewis fails to finish one, doubts on his car’s reliability will surface, and that price may lengthen. And that will be the time to pounce.

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