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This entry was posted on Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Buy Buy Buy Sell Sell Sell.

In the current financial climate, it appears everyone trading stocks and shares is losing money hand over fist. Well it doesn’t have to be that way. Whilst the bowler-hatted buffoons in the city carrying their ironed FT and umbrellas into the office at 6.30am may be taking this country to hell in a handcart, financial betting gives punters the opportunity to exploit these cretins.

Betfair’s financial offering is fairly basic. They provide markets on each twenty minute or hour segment of both the FTSE and Wall Street. The bet is a simple one – will the market rise or fall during that time? You can also bet on potential interest rate rises in the UK and Australia.

Their sister platform Tradefair allows for the more traditional spread betting on individual indices/stocks, but the level of loss if things go wrong on these trades are enormous so steer clear at least initially.

Bet365 offer a similar range of markets to Betfair, but they include currency betting including the good old £ against the $. 365 also include 5 minute markets – will a particular share go up or down over a five minute period? Our advice is never to touch such a bet – it is the financial equivalent of a fruit machine. Even your average UBS employee knows better than to play around with that.

Don’t forget – the City is largely full of bluffers. Never be intimidated by someone who claims to know what they are talking about. Because your guess isn’t as good as theirs. It’s better.

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