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This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

After Senna and Schumacher’s mishaps, dare Vettel attempt to become a legend?

Although a hot favourite for the 2014 F1 crown, all doesn’t seem well in the world of Lewis Hamilton. The problem is the man just lacks caution, both on and away from the track.

Two years or so ago, Hamilton was at a pre-season media day when he revealed that his McLaren was likely to be off the pace that season. Hardly the stuff employers want to hear. Yet he seems once more to be playing down his chances with this year’s Mercedes, and that cannot be ignored.

This is going to be a bizarre year in F1, because the green lobby have been meddling. As we all know, climate change is caused exclusively by Bernie Ecclestone. So this season, it is not just about how fast you drive, but about how smart too because of the need to slow down and conserve fuel, thus staying within the 100kg per race limit (typically teams used to use 160kg). So although often sticking away fastest laps in practise, does Lewis now have the discipline on the track to be cautious when required. The fear is that in races his instinct will always overcome the tactical need to slacken the pace.

So it is to Ferrari and Fernando Alonso that we must look. As he has proven in the last few seasons by maintaining a shvuntz of a car in contention for the title, Alonso knows how to drive to the conditions, not to his instinct. The Prancing Horse has gone well in pre-season testing, and so at 7.8, the Spaniard represents our tip right now.

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