Eurovision Final 2016

This entry was posted on Friday, May 13th, 2016

RIP Terry

Like reading about globalisation, and the British Army’s failure to hold Basra, there are times when the UK’s limited power whacks you over the head. Things ain’t what they used to be kids. We no longer stroll into foreign countries pillaging their raw materials and their even rawer women. We no longer have a lead in our people’s intellect or talent. And of course, we no longer have a chance in Eurovision.

Time was when the annual contest would be a good old healthy battle between the United Kingdom, France and Abba, where the Germans were there to make us laugh, and the Russians to provide panto villains. Nowadays, it is a shock if a country from outside the Eastern bloc wins it (notice the anger at Sweden’s triumph in 2015,) and Russia this time around are such hot favourites, we cant recommend them at such a short price. So who can we tip?

If you fancy following the form, then perhaps Latvia represent a pleasant outside bet for you. 40/1 outright with Paddy Power. Justs Heartbeat is written by an experienced Eurovision composer, who has put together a classic power ballad type thingy, with a decent underlying melody.

Or if you are feeling particularly edgy, go back to the 1950s and imagine that Hungary is still behind the iron curtain. Pioneer is a corker of a Eurovision tune, and although the Magyars (as they are certainly not known in Eurovision), have never landed a top three finish since joining this nonsense, a 100/1 bet should give you a nice run for your money.

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