Europa League 2013

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Ah, if it isn’t the poor relation coming around with his begging bowl. And what is this sign hung prominently around his neck? ‘We even have Wigan Athletic this year.’ Crikey, of course. If that won’t encourage a fellow human being to dip hand into pocket and give like he has never given before, then I don’t know what will.

In truth, there hasn’t been a poorer relation on this earth since Barack Obama’s old man gave up farming. But nevertheless, the Europa League trundles on, and therefore so must we.

So who will win it? Well, rather fittingly for a stupid handle-less trophy, probably a team that isn’t even in it yet (as Chelsea did last season.) Which means any punt should be on a back-to-lay basis (rather than outright), so attention turns to the Betfair market.

Starting with the English contenders, both Spurs and Swansea should go well. AVB took it pretty seriously last year, and now has a superior squad with which to shuffle his pack, whilst Michael Laudrup’s travels abroad will stand him in good stead as the Welsh flag flies through the continent. Both can be confidently backed, especially the Swans at a delicious 29.

Elsewhere, Italian clubs haven’t been any good for about fifteen years now, whilst Spanish football appears in decline outside the gigantic two. Anzhi have had a fire sale, and other Russian clubs tend to struggle once they can no longer play fixtures in six foot of snow. So…anyone for Wigan?

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