Euro 2012 Draw

This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

5 things that will happen. 

1)      Pundits will proclaim a group of death:

Given the typically bizarre UEFA seedings, all sorts of nasty possibilities lie in wait. Imagine a group of Spain, Germany, Portugal and France – four World Cup semi-finalists since 2006. Like with all forecasts of doom surrounding Europe these days, it will happen. Just pray it doesn’t happen to us.

2)      The hosts will get an easy ride:

It is very much in Michel Platini’s interests (having awarded this entire shebang to Eastern Europe and in the process gone out on a limb further than Heather Mills running a marathon), for at least one of them to progress. A tournament in Poland/Ukraine without either sounds pretty bleak. Think of England’s lame group in Euro ’96 as a good example of what can happen when you apply to heat to little balls – expect either of the hosts to pull out Russia, Greece and Ireland.

3)      Thomas Sorensen will find himself being interviewed for Match of the Day this weekend:

Not particularly Sorensen. But were England to be drawn against Denmark, expect a token Dane to be schlepped out in front of the cameras post-match at the weekend, to be asked by a chortling John Motson how it feels to be playing England in seven months time, as if he was a child being asked what it was like to see his teacher on a Sunday doing some shopping.

4)      Expect plenty of cash talk:

Germany v Greece could prove a real grudge match by June. Likewise Germany – Italy. And we all could all be living on allotments.

5)      It will take bloody ages.

You’ll sit down at 5pm on Friday, turn the telly on and crack open a beer thinking, “this won’t take too long. After all, its only 16 balls.” Two hours later, Kent Nielsen will still be on stage reliving EURO 92.

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