England vs India Test Series

This entry was posted on Monday, July 30th, 2018

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Having thrown county cricket under the bus in their selection of Adil Rashid, enormous pressure now mounts on Joe Root, Ed Smith and co for the upcoming series against India. Two things spring to mind – the first, that this will be a common occurrence fairly soon, with players opting to ignore red ball cricket, knowing they are too good for the England test side to ignore (a similar gamble in rugby to play abroad has not yet come off for the rebels.) Second of all, Adil Rashid is no Murali or Warne – this may prove to be a silly hill for Smith to die on.

The real reason for this absurd decision, is the heatwave. In good old-fashioned British summer conditions, teams could be relied upon to roll over at the first sight of swing. Enter the weather, and the prospect of pitches drier than Jean-Claude Juncker’s glass. As was proven in Australia over the winter, on flat wickets, England are equally flat. Chuck in an ageing Broad and Anderson over a five match series, and spin should have the upper hand this summer. Enter Rashid.

The prospect of Ravi Ashwin and Ravi Jadeja on days four and five should be enough for Joe Root to always bat first. By contrast, the pressure on Rashid will be heinous, and Moeen Ali hasn’t looked like taking wickets even on friendly pitches, for many a moon.

If England had a solid, patient middle order, perhaps one could make a case. But this may well b a shambolic defeat, and 3-1 India at 12 on the Betfair Exchange will do us.

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