(Does) Murray’s Miracle Mean More Murray Mania?

This entry was posted on Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Dare we say it? Dare we hope? If you’ve not been following Wimbledon so far, yesterday, Federer was taken out in 5 sets by Tsonga after having been up by 2 sets – something entirely unheard of for the former champion as Roger has never lost a match from that position until now.

Another of tennis’ current greats – Rafa Nadal, who Murray is set to face in his Semi-Final, suffered an injury on his foot in an earlier round. In his Quarter Final match against the superbly named Mardy Fish (If you’re not sure why, check out Urban Dictionary’s definition of Mardy), Nadal seemed to be ok, but he had been given a painkilling injection.

Nadal has injured this foot previously, and there is the possibility he might have done more harm playing through, rather than retiring, but it’s a glimmer of hope for the player that’s never beaten him at Wimbledon.

Even if he gets through against an injured Nadal (the severity of which appears to be in question by some of the media), Murray will have to face up to the guy that took out Federer or the hungry for #1 spot Djokovic in the final which will be no easy task – that’s not going to stop us hoping though!

Murray’s Semi Final vs. Rafa Nadal is scheduled for tomorrow

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