Classic Moment – Strictly Come Dancing Series 8 (2010) – Ann Widdecombe

This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Such is the infamy with which Ann Widdecombe performed on SCD, that Lisa Riley, an ahem, chunky contestant on this year’s Strictly, emphatically told the media that she very much was NOT this year’s Widdy.

From the outset, it was clear that the former Tory cabinet minister had the potential to be tremendous fun on the programme. She took herself incredibly seriously, although nobody else did, (hell, she doesn’t even have a cute little ‘e’ at the end of the her first name.) She was admirably prudish, in stark contrast to the bits-out attitude of current television. And above all, she had absolutely zero self-awareness.

Whether she was having a go at the salsa, the samba, the tango, the quickstep, the waltz or the rumba, good old Ann simply stole the show, with tears of mirth streaming down the faces of the watching viewers. One man who certainly wasn’t in on the joke was partner Anton DuBeke, for whom this sort of thing to say the least, wasn’t in the contract.

Due to her sheer entertainment value, and despite her dreadful dancing (she came bottom or joint-bottom in the judges’ scores every single week), Widdy lasted until Week 10 of the competition, only narrowly missing out on the semi-finals, and surviving longer than trendy soap stars such as Tina O’Brien and Patsy Palmer.

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