Celebrity Big Brother Classic Match

This entry was posted on Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Pleasingly, Clary replaces Pussy as this season’s highlight

“Would you like me to be the cat?” So said ‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway back in January 2006, in the greatest moment of the greatest series of Celebrity Big Brother ever.

Galloway’s total immersion into character seemed to surprise even his companion on this task, Rula Lenska. But the seasoned actress soon rose to the occasion, playing along with lines such as, “aw, you have cream all over your whiskers.” The scene ended with Galloway lying prostrate on Lenska’s lap, as she softly stroked his face whilst he purred contentedly.

BB was at its peak back then. Jade Goody was yet to indulge in any racist bullying, episodes such as Fight Night had propelled the previous civilian season to huge viewing figures, and now the Celebrity Version had managed to lure some big names.

Michael Barrymore, Dennis Rodman, Jodie Marsh, Pete Burns – and of course good old Preston & Chantelle. The season was a sizzler – hot enough to melt Burns’ preposterous face.

It hasn’t gone well for too many of the participants since. Chantelle is a mental prostitute. Barrymore has once more vanished from our screens whilst Galloway was last spotted on some seedy internet channel defending rape, and popping up every so often on Hezbollah TV to defend the Assad regime. Celebrity Big Brother meanwhile, has similarly rolled in the gutter.

Fittingly therefore, Julian Clary remains the hot favourite to come first (as he would no doubt say) in tomorrow night’s final, although don’t rule out a Martin Kemp surprise. He is currently second favourite with Betfair at 4.6, trailing Clary’s 1.56.

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