Boat Race 2013

This entry was posted on Friday, March 22nd, 2013

And this year its London Met vs Aston

Only joking of course folks – the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race remains perhaps the last great display of elitism that this broken, dumbed-down, shell of a nation still exports.

Of course last year’s event was interrupted by some joker jumping in the water and fiddling with the oars of the crews. He has since been jailed, and returned to his day job hoaxing the Liverpool football team by playing on the left wing. Stewart Downing wont be interrupting this one again.

Betfair has a few markets of interest, obviously including the winners market, where Oxford are favourites to regain the crown at 1.41, with Cambridge at 2.46. The liquidity in the market is still in the hundreds, and the over-round is currently in excess of 10%. If you are punting (no pun intended) on this market, it may be best to wait until it warms up.

You can also have 7s on the boat sinking at any point (this won’t happen) and 6 on a record time being achieved. Looking at the climate a week away, the current wind and rain will not make this an easy race, so it looks like another lay.

As is wonderfully appropriate for such an old-fashioned and politically incorrect race, the heavily demanded women’s race has not even elicited as much as a market in the betting as yet.

Hip hip and tally ho old chap. Last one in the bar gets a rogering from head prefect.

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