Big Brother 2011

This entry was posted on Monday, October 17th, 2011

Yep – still going.

So low-key has this season’s BB been, that even your average whale is struggling to find the correct frequency. Having shifted the series from its typical summer perch, to an autumnal berth, the producers have run into two major problems.

Firstly, part of the whole programme’s attraction for male viewers was watching women parade around with garments that could at best be described as flimsy. The show’s removal from the summer schedules has in turn led to fewer clothes being removed, with this week’s episodes even seeing housemates put on extra-thick jumpers to keep warm.

The second problem cannot be blamed on the climate, rather on the hazy thinking of Five’s schedulers. The new slot has seen BB come up against reality behemoths Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor. Hell even Celebrity Coachtrip is giving it a shoeing in the ratings.

Nevertheless, there is betting to be done boys and girls, and as such, we must give the programme far more respect than it deserves.

At the top of the table, Alex has taken a firm grip on the winners market, now as short as 1.85 with Betfair to win. Her main tactic to date has been to do absolutely nothing and it is certainly paying off. Hence any surge of positive activity could find a usurper, and we are by no means recommending a solid ‘back’ at this stage.

Jay’s price has collapsed, in perfect harmony with the collapse of his relationship with the lovely Louise. At the other end of the spectrum, Aaron and Faye appear to be developing very nicely – romantic voters will want to keep them in, and it is little surprise that they are now second and third favourite respectively.

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