Australian Open Tennis 2018

This entry was posted on Friday, January 12th, 2018

Last Man Standing

Such has been the rigour and athletic capacity required in mens tennis over the past decade, that the court is swiftly becoming no country for old men. Three of the big four, plus their two closest challengers over recent years have seen their bodies fall apart piece by piece, whilst the last man standing is Roger Federer, whose game involved comparatively little running around; rather, he preferred to stand at the net with a shiny jacket and nice watch preening.

So in many ways it is little surprise that despite his age, he looks set to be the last man standing of the elite group that has brought us so much joy in the past decade. As much as various writers are thrilled with themselves for pointing out what a mess British tennis will be in when Murray exits stage left, the truth is the whole of world tennis will be in a mess without Djokovic, Federer and Nadal too.

Federer was also first to realise that at his age, and with his number of trophies in the bag, playing in the Abu Dhabi Qatar Investment Fund Masters is broadly a waste of time. Expect the others to follow suit, with Murray already talking about focusing only on the Slams. Bad news for the tv rights etc for the ATP Tour, and all this at a time when women’s tennis is pretty reliant on an ageing, breast-feeder for its interest.

In terms of the betting, we like Angelique Kerber at 14s on the Betfair Exchange. Although to be honest, who really cares anymore?

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