Australian Election 2013 – Kevin Rudd vs Tony Abbott

This entry was posted on Friday, September 6th, 2013

Two Drongos Having a Scrap near a Barbie

On the 7th September, incumbent Kevin Rudd will attempt to win a third term for the Australian Labour Party. In the other corner, Tony Abbott will hope to put the Liberals back in office. Like alcoholism, having an attractive girlfriend, and being hopeless at sport, voting is now compulsory in Australia. So pay attention!

Rudd was parachuted in ahead of Welshwoman Julia Gillard just a few weeks ago – the final straw for her was seemingly being caught knitting a present for the royal baby. But it all may have come too late.

As with many peacetime elections held in times of economic growth, the difference between the two main parties ain’t much. Labour are campaigning on being the safe pair of hands that guided the country successfully through a global recession, whilst the Liberals are the party promising to prevent the next recession which will inevitably happen due to the Governing party’s enormous budget deficit. So far so standard.

What has been interesting (at least from a British point of view) about this one, has been the parties’ lines on immigration, with both moving further to the right than the fish knife in an attempt to outdo each other.

Abbot has held a fairly solid lead in the polls, although following Gillard’s defenestration, Rudd benefited from an immediate bounce. There is little value in Abbot at 1.04, and we would even suggest a lay at 1.06. With an entire population voting, anything could happen. And hell – they’re Aussies…

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