World Cup the Final Countdown

This entry was posted on Monday, November 16th, 2009


This weekend saw the first of the two leg World Cup play-offs and many of the favoured teams are still not safely on the plane to South Africa 2010. France, Portugal, Russia and Uruguay all take one goal leads into their second legs on Wednesday night.

Elsewhere minnows New Zealand booked their place, the first time in 28 years joining Australia who also had pre-qualified and gives the Oceania group its strongest showing ever in the football finals.
Egypt looked like they would be staying at home until the 94th minute and a last gasp equaliser versus Algeria now requires a further one-off play-off game between the two sides to split the difference and send one heading south next year to compete in the largest soccer spectacle ever.

The bookmakers loved the weekends results, most went according to form, so there were some lucky gamblers too, but the tight scoring means that bookies like Ladbrokes and the rest are able to offer good prices on the more undesired teams with no doubt a shock in the offing somewhere amingst them so it’s worth checking out the prices on Ireland, Bosnia-Herz, Greece or Ukraine and Slovenia.

The World Cup Draw is made in South Africa in just 2 weeks time at the start of December and with so many top teams possibly scraping through unseeded there are no doubt going to be more than one or two Group’s of Death that many countries will wish to avoid to be able to proceed to the last 16 when the latter stage of the World Cup Finals goes into sudden death play-off.

England, qualified on the back of the best campaign they have ever had, but the likes of Brazil, Spain, Holland, Italy and the ever present Germany will be the other top seeds who will no doubt meet at one point or another next summer in the world’s largest football tournament in the continent of Africa for the first time ever.

(Being slightly biased, my Irish heritage will no doubt be kicking into gear again this Wednesday as I will the lads in green, from the Emerald Isle, to step up to the task in Paris and recover from the 1-0 defeat at Croke Park this weekend and come away victorious.
There will no doubt be quite a party in a number of shamrock bedecked places across the globe if they do!)

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18 Responses to World Cup the Final Countdown

  1. admin says:

    How cruel the Irish were put out by the hand of le frog, Thierry Henry will never live his handball down and the finals are tainted. FIFA should hold their head in shame.

  2. Attili Sattibabu says:

    Good post mate!! Keep ’em flowing!

  3. Very close to the World Cup already. It’s beginning to get really exciting. I wish that everything goes smoothly for the benefit of everyone in South Africa. Let’s have a wonderful tournament.

  4. Gold Adam says:

    I hope Rooney is ok for the world cup. I heard he might be fixed by next week but I don’t know if I should believe it. Anybody got any inside info?

  5. I really like your blog! I have bookmarked it! Keep up the good work!

  6. With this current kidnapping threat in Sinai, I really pray all the tourists specially Israeli citizens are safe and taking care.

    Editor : Are you suggesting that South Africa is not safe for visitors to the world cup?

  7. Hello Brazil will win the world cup!

  8. Hi there,I like your site and it looks very interesting and easy to read,really!. I am from holland. I love the Soccer and cannot wait till 11th June, can you?.But there is a problem camming from FIFA. It is that doesn´t choose the best teams in this planet for the World Cup which it should otherwise don´t call the World Cup a final, if you want to play soccer for the soul of competition then go to the olympics games. this is basically what the World Cup is turning to, and it su…, ire needed to beat germany to be in and is not, jap beat lowly teams as bahrain, qatar, kuwait, to be in, is this justice I dont think so, just because you are in the World Cup it doesn´t mean that you have the quality to be in like jap can attes. Any way, I desire to see a great final on 11th July and my favorite winner team is Italy,and my favorite player is Wane Rooney.Good blog and keep going.Cu!

  9. Legolas says:

    Someone please stop the horns! I tried to give the World Cup a chance, but I’d even turn off the Superbowl if there was the same annoying background noise.

  10. MrDoom says:

    The Vuvuzela, just when you though kazoos were the most annoying “musical instruments”

  11. Tylor Avila says:

    I cannot remember being more disappointed in France. That was a fast exit. I really expected that they had a good chance to do well in this years world cup. Maybe in four years. Maybe its time to jump on the Argentina bandwagon. Looks like Demichelis has already scored. Go Argentina. To make me feel better from that devistating loss by France, I have been listening to some funny jokes.. Here is a good one:

  12. Four years ago United States soccer received about 40,000 requests for World Cup tickets — more than they got for the 2002, 1998 and 1990 tournaments combined. This year they got rid of 136,500 World Cup tickets, according to FIFA.

  13. Tonight will be the worldcup final, spain do your bet. I’m seeking forward that somebody win the world cup

  14. I wish the World Cup was every 3 years instead of every 4.

  15. mercenary says:

    We have an infallible oracle and have only used it for World Cup, go figure

  16. I believed that Spain did magnificent in the World Cup, Xavi is a impressive player!

  17. Odelia Krutz says:

    That’s a nice written page!

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