Win a London Pad – UK’s Largest Free Draw – Wow!

This entry was posted on Thursday, November 13th, 2008

The UK’s largest free draw was announced this week between a property company and Great Ormond Street Hospital offering not one or even two, but eight luxury apartments as one prize, ‘Win a London Pad’ worth a wopping £8 million plus!

With odds better than the UK National Lottery, entrants are asked to purchase a £60 MP4 player and answer 3 questions to take part. Great Ormond Street Hospital receives £3 from each of the 200,000 tickets expected to be sold before next March and that equates to £600,000 for the GOSH charity.

The competition is aiming to raise enough money to fund the construction of a purpose built 4 bed ward in the Cardiac Daycare unit.

Hard times for the property industry, but a novel and innovative way to raise funds for a charity too. Worth a gamble? Well 200,000-1 for such a large prize is tempting and hey, you get a 4GB MP4 player and you feel a bit goes to charity, but to me that’s it, it’s just a ‘bit’ and the property company realises its investment and probably makes a profit.

Would be nice to see the charity get a better cut of the action if its lending its well respected name. 

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