Viva Las Vegas

This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

IT’S a long way to Tipperary, but it’s even further to Las Vegas although I suppose it’s really a case of where you’re setting out from. Well, getting from the financial capital of the world, London, to the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas, is a fair old haul by anyone’s standards – and that’s where, finances permitting, I’m heading for a family wedding next month.

I can already feel a frisson of excitement as I think ahead to the city that never sleeps, where, allegedly, there are no clocks, although how the average Las Vegan gets to work on time beats me! Except for online casinos, more than anywhere else on the planet you can play 24/7 in Vegas casinos, where reality really is suspended from the moment you touch down at Las Vegas airport until your plane hits the runway on the way home.

Yes, it is a long way to go, but for the true gambler it’s a must-see, must-visit , must-play Oasis with acres of green baize, a kaleidoscope of lights from the slots, jingles of spinning balls on roulette wheels, gathering crowds around busy blackjack tables. A potent and truly intoxicating elixir Vegas is basically a great big tribute to Mammon, but it never tries to be anything else. Vegas does exactly what is says on the tin – no more and no less. It’s not cheap to get there and it certainly isn’t cheap to stay there – unless, of course, you’re a high roller or a serial loser. Those guys – and gals – are welcomed with open arms by the management at the bigger casinos. But if you’re being ‘comped’, it’s for one reason only – you’re giving them more than they’re giving you!

However, the ordinary punter can pay for his trip with some decent hands of poker or a good night on the roulette tables.

There are even sports books – luxury betting shops to you and me – for those like myself who can’t go a day or so without betting on the ponies. As I say it’s worth a once-in-a-lifetime visit; there really is nowhere else like it on the planet. But if you ain’t got the cash for the air fare and the hotel accommodation, then you can always head for the nearest US online casino – what you save in airline and hotel costs can give you the stake to chase that life-changing big win you’ve always been seeking. Good punting whether you’re at home or abroad! Come on February, Viva Las Vegas here I come.

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