Tough Tory Proposals For UK Gambling Act

This entry was posted on Monday, October 20th, 2008

Shadow Gambling Minister Tobias Ellwood said a Tory government would reverse some of the most dangerous parts of the UK Gambling Act 2005. “Gaming must be seen as a form of entertainment where you’re likely to lose money, rather than win,” he said.

One proposal includes a ban on internet players using credit cards just like the US UIGEA bill of 2006. Another is to look at the rules on advertising for online casinos, bookmakers and betting machines and make it stricter, but no mention was made about the National Lottery, which always seems to be passed over. Foreign online firms would need to prove that they could self-regulate themselves in order to operate sites in the UK.

Gamcare says gambling addiction has increased in the past year with the average debt soaring and this has prompted the political parties to provide a quick reaction all wanting to claim they would do something about it.

The relaxation of the TV advertising laws for gambling companies in the UK opened up a new and more powerful medium for poker, bookmaker and bingo companies to advertise there products and probably the main cause, together with the US ban in 2006 making these companies shift their focus from the lucrative US market and concentrate recruiting new players in the UK and EU. 

Interestingly within bingo halls and arcades the Tories said they’d like to see the introduction of more category 3 slot machines with a payout of £1 and a maximum prize of £500, but the stake raised to £2 and possibly increasing the maximum payout further. Mr Ellwood claimed this would encourage customers to play slot machines rather than turn to more addictive fixed-odds terminals.

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