The Queen joins Facebook

This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Yup, The Queen is on Facebook. Not necessarily what one might expect from Her Majesty, but when you look into it, the British Royal family is surprisingly well represented on the internet. Not only are there multiple websites, but there are also twitter & Flickr accounts, and even a YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as you might expect – the Facebook page is more of a fan page rather than her personal profile, so you can’t make friends (or give her a poke – as several newspapers have pointed out). But in the short time since joining (mid-September 2010), there are over 150k fans – a figure that’s sure to rise as word spreads.

You can get all sorts of info from the new page, most interesting is the “Near Me” tab, where you can find out if there are any Royals scheduled to make an appearance in your area up to a month in advance; Check out their engagements on the Court Circular; or find out about specific ceremonies and events (such as Changing the Guard).

Main Website:

Prince of Wales:





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