The Draw of Vegas Is Not All Casinos I Bet!

This entry was posted on Sunday, September 6th, 2009

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How does a strip of desert in the middle of nowhere command such an aura? Las Vegas in the US State of Nevada, appeared almost out of nowhere 70 years ago and has become the gambling and entertainment Mecca for millions of gamblers, entertainers and visitors.

Made famous in numerous films, songs and stories it’s played host to the largest stars; Sinatra, Elvis, Jackson, Pitt & Clooney. It’s been christened the City That Never Sleeps, a grid system town that glows permenantly day and night from the light of millions upon millions of neon and bulbs.

The draw for many is the awsome casinos, pleasure palaces along the Strip wooing tourists and serious gamblers with 5 star luxurious entertainment, accomodation and unrivalled gambling opportunities. There really is something for everyone, themes abound, Venice, Paris, Hawaii, Circus, Pyramids, Rome and wonderland kingdoms, all opulent, all well over the top, but although its full-on and everyone knows it’s tacky you cant beat this pure showbiz Americana, it’s done with such style and brazen frivolity.

For the non-gambler there is an amazing amount to see and do. Step out of Vegas for a moment and the breathtaking Grand Canyon is only a few miles away, for those who can afford it a morning or evening helicopter trip is the best way to see it in all its glory. At those times of day the sun throws the best shadows and colours across the sandstone strata. But there is also the mighty Hoover Dam scenic Lake Mead and even The Valley of Fire.

Back in town, an unusual site for many western US state cities, is the amount of pedestrians on the sidewalks. The car is relegated, walking takes over. Why? Well the sites from the awesome Bellagio Water Fountains to the golden Pyramid shaped Luxor hotel-casino and everything else just cries out to the visitor to stop and view. Behold the audacious frippery! Nothing is sacred. The camera soon gasps for more batteries.

And after all those spectacular sites the shopping then takes over in just as much style. Major brands and outlets from high-street to Haute Couture can be found in the breath taking malls which have sprung up next to the casinos and hotels. A shopper’s paradise.

The Entertainment & Shopping Capital of the World? Probably! And one which every gambler promises themselves a trip to in their lifetime.

Whether they beat the casino or lose their shirt the pilgrimage is on their list of must do’s in life.

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