World Snooker Championship 2018

Old Ronnie It has been five years now since Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan last walked away from the crucible armed with the trophy. He hasn’t even been to a final since losing to Mark Selby in 2014. And yet, like Tiger Woods in golf, all personal foibles are ignored by the watching millions, tuning in just to watch him, in the hope he can win one more big title. 26 years in Sheffield hasn’t diluted his star appeal. Or in Ronnie’s case, two more. Although it is obvious to everyone that he is the greatest player to ever hold a cue, the statistics say otherwise, with Steve Davis and Ray Reardon one ahead of Ronnie on six Worlds, and Stephen Hendry... Continue reading...

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World Snooker Championship 2017 Update

The Curse of the Crucible With Judd Trump suffering a minor dose of the ‘curse of the crucible’ in Round One (speaking of which, let us end talk of Court Two at Wimbledon being the ‘Graveyard of Champions’. Former Champions don’t play on the outside courts, and the ones that frequent Centre and One are, generally speaking, still very good. asics femme So of course Court Two at Wimbledon is the most likely place for former greats on the wane to lose) against the first black man to enter the place without being part of security, the betting markets have had to sharply readjust since their antepost efforts. Nike Roshe Run Homme The big Quarter Final ahead of us is... Continue reading...

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World Championship Snooker 2016

Betting without O’Sullivan Here at Oggs Towers, we aren’t traditionally fans of the ‘betting without’ markets, (since it effectively serves to reduce the deserved gains if an upset is predicted correctly), but our annual exception nowadays is the World Snooker Championship. In this case, the outstanding favourite’s quality is not in doubt, but rather his mind. And as no punter could have a true idea of the Rocket’s serotonin levels over the next two weeks, it seems reasonable to try and remove him from the frame (no pun intended your honour) before having a sprinkle. But where else can one go? Let us immediately rule out third-favourite Judd Trump, who may have played a canny commercial game in being the... Continue reading...

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Snooker World Championship 2015

Roll Up Roll Up…the last remaining sport on terrestrial television With the Open Golf following the Champions League out of the window into the Sky (or in the latter case, the BT), one can fast forward a few years to an age when perhaps there is no sport at all left on terrestrial television. Yet surely even then, with polar bears destroyed by climate change, ISIS ruling the world and King George on the throne, something still suggests snooker will be stuck on BBC2. But what of this year’s festivities, where due to him being the only snooker player anybody can name, Ronnie O’Sullivan’s popularity down the turf-accountants, means that he will start as favourite to lift the title on... Continue reading...

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Betfair World Snooker Championships 2013

5 Things that will Happen The emergence of a new generation: Stephen Hendry won’t be there for the first time in over 25 years, and with Mark Williams and John Higgins no longer true contenders (although not quite at the John Parrott ‘comedy’ stage just yet), 2013 may be the Championship where a new generation reaches national prominence. But beware Ronnie: He may say this is all one big reality show, but if any player can just wake up in the morning, have a quick shave and rattle off a cheeky 147 at the Crucible, it is the Rocket. The most natural snooker player of all time must surely be backed pre-tournament, as a strong showing in the first round... Continue reading...

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