Next Conservative Party Leader

Green, Amber and errr…Redwood Political myth states that the Conservatives often turn to the outsider on these occasions, with the examples of Thatcher and Cameron the two recent citings. But both of those surprise wins were on the back of more than one election defeat; with the country having repeatedly rejected their offering, it was clear the Conservatives had to do something radical. In office however, the Tories are much more, well Conservative, often grabbing at the first thing that looks like keeping them in power. All this is good for the ‘safe pair of hands’ candidates supposedly jockeying for the leadership – the likes of Amber Rudd, Dominic Raab or Damian Green. The truth is that were it not... Continue reading...

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General Election 2017

FA Cup Final, Wimbledon, Election… So here we go again. adidas yeezy boost Add to Wimbledon and our one hot day as annual British summer treats, an election. asics gel nimbus 2014 was Scotland, 2015 was Cameron’s triumph, last year was of course Brexit, and now we have May vs Corbyn. basket air jordan 1 The polls suggest a comfortable Tory victory. adidas yeezy boost The bookmakers suggest a comfortable Tory victory. nike foamposite But where is the betting angle? If the polls are coalescing around a figure, it is for a Tory lead of around seven, similar to David Cameron’s ratings last time. asics sneakers sale But many are predicting that as with Brexit, Trump, 2015 et al, the... Continue reading...

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Summer of Politics 2017

Priti and Hils The summer used to be a quiet time newswise. Back in the day, the only real thing that used to happen in the months of July-September were trivial, distant affairs such as World Wars breaking out. Not any more. In this febrile political climate which we are blessed to live in, the summer is when the plots start, the jostling begins, and the politicians stand in their swimwear opposite a mirror, imagining themselves sploshing in the number 10 jacuzzi. But what are the standout political bets for the next few months, over which we can all work up a decent sweat? Next Conservative Leader: Having had their hands burned allowing Theresa May to accede to the leadership... Continue reading...

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General Election 2017

Constituency Betting Bedford An interesting place. Well politically at least. Bedfordshire Council is pretty much split between the three main parties; the Lib Dems have had success at Mayoral level, whilst the Conservatives have done well in the Police Commissioner Elections (us neither). It is something of a modern bellwether, swinging to the Tories in 2010, albeit now with a majority of just over 1000. Its EU Referendum vote also mirrored the country exactly 52-48. So it is a tough one to call, although important to note that in the latest boundary changes (nerdiness alert), many of the rural, naturally Tory areas have been moved into the constituencies of Mid Bedfordshire and North East Bedfordshire. Even Jeremy Corbyn has pitched... Continue reading...

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2017 By-Elections

Super Thursday A crucial week ahead, with two by-elections on Thursday evening, and both are undoubtedly in-play for two, possibly three parties. Fjallraven Kanken Classic Nil holds for Labour, and Jamie Reed and Tristram Hunt may have achieved by upping and outing, what current Labour MPs have failed in doing – dislodging the leader. Asics Gel Lyte 5 Two victories for Corbyn however, and perhaps his dismissal of the polls and the media distaste for him as fake news, could have some credence. Stoke: Defeat in Copeland would be directly attributable to the Labour leader’s stance on Trident. Nike Max UK Yet bizarrely, since it is a tight seat, defeat there would be less damaging than failure to hold Stoke,... Continue reading...

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French Elections 2017

Macron vs Le Pen It is the 1990’s vs the 1930’s in the French Election Run-off this weekend, and which of us don’t look back with fondness on those decades. nike pas cher Bill Clinton invented the 3rd Way. Tony Blair arguably perfected it. And now we welcome the French, almost twenty years to the day of Blair’s ascension to power, who finally have produced a centrist candidate for President. nike kd 9 pas cher Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron (for ‘tis he) has sprinted to the top, aided by youth, dreadful opponents, and more recently, an endorsement from Barack Obama. He will win on Sunday. Nike Zoom Goedkoop Whether that will prove good for France we cannot say. What does... Continue reading...

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EU Referendum

Events Dear Boy Up until lunchtime on Thursday, the media had been gripped with the momentum of the Leave campaign. Poll after poll showed conclusive leads for Gove & Co., whilst the PM and George Osborne were looking increasingly desperate and ludicrous. The stabbing of Jo Cox changed everything, and whilst it is never right to play politics with tragedy, there is no doubt that politics has changed. Whether it changes for more than a week, is the big question. For starters, the campaign has been suspended. When it resumes, days will have passed, and more importantly, it will not resume with anywhere near the edge it had. Theoretically, that should favour the Leave camp. It is well known that... Continue reading...

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UK Political Meltdown

PANIC As the financial markets have rebounded, and the global economy has taken to Brexit with a casual shrug, it is left solely to the people responsible for ensuring Britain doesn’t have a collective meltdown, to cause one by running around panicking. That’s right – it’s the politicians who have decided now is the optimal time to leave Britain in the hands of the SNP (or something like that.) But whilst all around are losing theirs, how can you make sure you don’t lose yours. Money of course – we cant help you with losing your head. air max 2017 goedkoop The first market worth a look is Paddy Power’s offering on the year of the next General Election. There... Continue reading...

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Article 50 Date

Teresa May, Pokemon Go and Lisa from Eastenders “Brexit means Brexit” has been Teresa May’s catchphrase since she became Prime Minister, a statement both crystal clear, but also entirely baffling, particularly since the word only entered the dictionary, some time in the last few years. Nike Air Max Sko It is a bit like saying Pokemon Go means Pokemon Go. air max pas cher Of more interest to the punters however, is the date on which Article 50, detailing the United Kingdom’s confirmed interest in leaving the European Union will be triggered, a trigger more closely speculated on since Lisa was shot in Eastenders. soldes nike 2017 Betfair perhaps offer the clearest market, offering 1.14 that it happens in the... Continue reading...

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British Politics

What Happens Next At Oggs Towers, our monthly planning meetings are bibulous affairs. Nike Air Max Sko Drink is taken, the world is set to right, and eventually, after poring over the global affairs of the next 30 days, we plan what to write about. 20 days ago, we were all set for a late July Conservative Leadership betting update. By now of course, we would know the final two, and they would be busy touring the country, promising to deport immigrants. But alas, it is the Labour party who have a leadership contest on the go, and it is there that we will start with our look at the best political bets available right now, odds courtesy of our... Continue reading...

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