2017 By-Elections

Super Thursday A crucial week ahead, with two by-elections on Thursday evening, and both are undoubtedly in-play for two, possibly three parties. Nil holds for Labour, and Jamie Reed and Tristram Hunt may have achieved by upping and outing, what current Labour MPs have failed in doing – dislodging the leader. Two victories for Corbyn however, and perhaps his dismissal of the polls and the media distaste for him as fake news, could have some credence. Stoke: Defeat in Copeland would be directly attributable to the Labour leader’s stance on Trident. Yet bizarrely, since it is a tight seat, defeat there would be less damaging than failure to hold Stoke, which has voted Labour since the days of Clement Atlee.... Continue reading...

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Make Betting Great Again…

Donald Trump Specials So as the world recovers and quite frankly takes cover following the most astonishing election result in the history of the west (or something like that,) punters the world over have only one question to ask – how can we profit from this imbroglio? And as ever, our good friends at Paddy Power are here to help supply us with the answers. PP offer an array of Trump specials starting with the destination of his first state visit. Russia and Mexico are the joint favourites at 15/8 here, but surely even Trump isn’t stupid enough to head straight to Moscow, given the allegations of Russian interference in his election that are still swirling. He has also been... Continue reading...

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Article 50 Date

Teresa May, Pokemon Go and Lisa from Eastenders “Brexit means Brexit” has been Teresa May’s catchphrase since she became Prime Minister, a statement both crystal clear, but also entirely baffling, particularly since the word only entered the dictionary, some time in the last few years. It is a bit like saying Pokemon Go means Pokemon Go. Of more interest to the punters however, is the date on which Article 50, detailing the United Kingdom’s confirmed interest in leaving the European Union will be triggered, a trigger more closely speculated on since Lisa was shot in Eastenders. Betfair perhaps offer the clearest market, offering 1.14 that it happens in the first six months of 2017, and 3.35 on any time after.... Continue reading...

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British Politics

What Happens Next At Oggs Towers, our monthly planning meetings are bibulous affairs. Drink is taken, the world is set to right, and eventually, after poring over the global affairs of the next 30 days, we plan what to write about. 20 days ago, we were all set for a late July Conservative Leadership betting update. By now of course, we would know the final two, and they would be busy touring the country, promising to deport immigrants. But alas, it is the Labour party who have a leadership contest on the go, and it is there that we will start with our look at the best political bets available right now, odds courtesy of our good friends at Paddy... Continue reading...

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UK Political Meltdown

PANIC As the financial markets have rebounded, and the global economy has taken to Brexit with a casual shrug, it is left solely to the people responsible for ensuring Britain doesn’t have a collective meltdown, to cause one by running around panicking. That’s right – it’s the politicians who have decided now is the optimal time to leave Britain in the hands of the SNP (or something like that.) But whilst all around are losing theirs, how can you make sure you don’t lose yours. Money of course – we cant help you with losing your head. The first market worth a look is Paddy Power’s offering on the year of the next General Election. There are two reasons why... Continue reading...

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EU Referendum

Events Dear Boy Up until lunchtime on Thursday, the media had been gripped with the momentum of the Leave campaign. Poll after poll showed conclusive leads for Gove & Co., whilst the PM and George Osborne were looking increasingly desperate and ludicrous. The stabbing of Jo Cox changed everything, and whilst it is never right to play politics with tragedy, there is no doubt that politics has changed. Whether it changes for more than a week, is the big question. For starters, the campaign has been suspended. When it resumes, days will have passed, and more importantly, it will not resume with anywhere near the edge it had. Theoretically, that should favour the Leave camp. It is well known that... Continue reading...

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New Hampshire 2016

Like Hampshire but Newer Whilst the Iowa Caucus is earlier in the year, and its amount of delegates is minute (<1% of the total), there ain’t nothing like New Hampshire Primary, and the perceived momentum it gives candidates. As a swing state, and one that runs an open primary rather than just a caucus for hardcore party members. For the Democrats, their very own Jeremy Corbyn (albeit without the anti-Semitic mates), Bernie Sanders is hot favourite to win the primary (he represents the neighbouring state of Vermont), although lagging behind in the overall race. Yet Hilary knows all too well the dangers of falling behind to an outsiders, and surely she will throw the kitchen sink at this primary. Back... Continue reading...

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Playing the Trump Card

Republican Presidential Nominee If the election of Jeremy Corbyn has taught us anything, it is that the impossible in politics, has now become the possible. Or so we are led to believe. Consequently, the possibility of Donald Trump winning the Republican Presidential seal of approval has gone from being a sick joke a few months ago, to being 3/1 with Ladbrokes, behind only Jeb Bush who is 15/8. Can the choice facing members of the GOP really be Bush or Fanny? Of course, the truth is, the process that will see a nominee elected, is completely different to the process Corbyn won. Even that was bent in his favour – the decision of MPs to back him for a debate,... Continue reading...

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Corbyn Races into Labour Lead

Party’s Satnav Very Much Set to ‘Wilderness’ Setting Like all great jokes, the Labour Party’s attempt to widen their leadership debate by including Jeremy Corbyn in their nominees, could be about to backfire dramatically. No doubt many MPs who gave him their original backing just to ensure he would appear on the ballot, are dramatically regretting their actions. According to private polling revealed in this week’s New Statesman, the left-wing oddball is 15% ahead on first preference. Now whilst this will not give him a majority, given the venom that is being directed between the three main candidates, their supporters are almost certain to assign their second preference votes to Corbyn, rather than a main rival. He could therefore end... Continue reading...

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EU Referendum

In, Out or Shake it all About History is a gallery of few originals and many copies, someone once remarked. Google it if you’re interested – it probably wasn’t Fred Dome. And lo and behold, just as they were throughout the early 90s, the Tory party are banging on about Europe again. But this time, they may just have the people on their side. Betfair suggest the ‘in’ vote will win the day, pricing it as short as 1.31. This is based primarily one suspects on polls, and we all know how reliable they were during the General Election. Just as there turned out to be hoards of secret Tories, there may well also turn out to be the equally... Continue reading...

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