Mug Punter Club – Part 2 – How to avoid the Club online

This entry was posted on Thursday, February 5th, 2009

I BET you thought I overlooked online casinos. No way!   I needed to show how easy it was to slip into the Mug Punter Club in offline gambling, despite the safety net of regulation developed over centuries, the online punter is more vulnerable because he may be out on his own, wandering through a vast desert with enough quick sand patches not yet signposted. No Jockey Club to keep rogue operators in check and no Gambling Commission ensuring fair play. It is also easier to lose control charging a credit card than dealing with hard money transactions.

So, no shortage of pitfalls to gobble a punter’s ‘betting bank’ electronically and speedily; I won’t try to get into how many national banks have vanished lately, but I can say that apart from a few professional experts who make a decent living gambling online, the average punter has to view online gambling as a leisure activity with a cost for the pleasure it gives, and set his cost limits accordingly. If you are to avoid membership of the Mug Punter Club, recognition and application of this principle is the first rule.

The second rule is to learn and improve playing the game you enjoy the most, understand the odds, and formulate a strategy and try it. Always set your limits and do not lose control; avoid getting hooked and learn to spot the signs.

An old saying goes that fools learn from their mistakes and wise men from those of others, and this is never more true than for online gambling. Do not rush into unknown casinos making tempting offers of big bonuses and the like; It is much safer to play at licensed casinos or those that have been vetted by professionals who will have carried out online casino reviews, tried and tested them by actually playing there and carrying our due diligence to minimise the novel forms of pitfalls from umpteen areas such as biased software, sharp operators, unfavourable house rules, indifferent customer care, and domicile of the casino…. US online casinos run by ethical operators have recently been driven out from the USA gambling market, instead of regulating them and making room for even more hazards in the casino scene. Thankfully there are some online casinos open to US citizens that remain and have been vetted with a clean bill of health.

So, please take care, make it fun, and don’t join the Mug Punters Club any time soon.

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