Is it the ‘Land of the Free’ anymore?

This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Microgaming turned off the US online casino player tap and another major, well respected gaming provider waved farewell to America for what could be a long wait before the US Government does a u-turn and allows online casinos and poker rooms back for its ‘free’ citizens. In the ‘Land of the Free’ it seems that protectionist measures make them all, but ‘free’ to lead their lives how they wish or spend their money as they see fit.

The election of Barack Obama isn’t a shoe-horn for multilateral change. The Democrats and Republicans all have their supporters of the ban on internet gambling, especially when it is provided by off-shore businesses. The State of Kentucky even has gone so far as to seize 141 online casino internet domain names as their own, but letting of course its own Kentucky Derby racecourse owner’s ““ through the net. What seems a pious move looks just like politics and business and nothing else.

So what now for many American players wanting an online casino to play at? Well hope is not all lost, even though many States are barred from most of the online casino and online poker services there are still some left to play at, such as “iNetBet Casino“, “Club-USA Casino”, “Rushmore Casino“, “Cherry Red Casino”. How long these will accept US players online is a matter of conjecture. The gaming businesses themselves are turning their eyes to Europe and Asia. Regulation by governments abroad is more enlightened and those that are proactive are realising there is greater control via regulation and a bonus of taxing what is a natural pastime for so many people. People have gambled for centuries, the Internet is just another medium for them to use; one that also offers help, assistance and information that gamblers find hard to know anywhere else.

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