I bet you didn’t see this on The Apprentice

This entry was posted on Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

When 12 candidates started the perilous and ardous journey that is the UK reality show The Apprentice they thought they knew what they were in for and the type of character Sir Alan Sugar was. Well over the weeks their numbers were culled by the point of Sir Alan’s finger and the immortal words ‘You’re Fired!’, nothing new there you see. But, the BBC TV series has turned into iconic watching for the chattering classes and bookmakers readily take bets on the unlucky candidates even though many were sacked months past, so well guarded is the secret of who won. And now the parodies have started, the Net alive to well edited and animated pastiches, homages and down right rip-offs. These two have got to be our favourites here at Oggs and well worth sharing with all of you. Now I bet you didn’t see this…

Now if only Cassetteboy could re-edit The Derby or perhaps a few other TV sporting occassions I could have a better chance of picking a winner…

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2 Responses to I bet you didn’t see this on The Apprentice

  1. Sam Buys says:

    cool stuff, cheers man

  2. admin says:

    thank you

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