Google UK Lifts Gambling Advertising Ad Ban

This entry was posted on Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Google will lift its ban on paid search advertising for gambling websites in the UK from 17th October, 2008 and no doubt net itself millons of pounds of advertising revenue.

UK companies registered with the Gambling Commission will be allowed to target Adword text-based ads to users searching for gambling-related terms in England, Scotland and Wales, although not in Northern Ireland. Google refused to carry search ads for gambling companies and associated operations after the introduction of the Port Authority Bill and  UIGEA in the US and it became a worldwide stand by the company until now.

No doubt many companies starved of advertising on the world’s largest search engine will start a new keywords bidding war, with companies seizing the opportunity to tap into a potentially lucrative new sales vertical. was the stand alone PPC search engine when Google dropped Gambling ad revenues and mysteriously disappeared from the major Google rankings this past year, but the news of the ad-ban lift will allow it to buy it’s first page listing once more.

Google will continue to prohibit gambling-related advertising on its properties outside the UK, although non-UK advertisers based within the European economic area wishing to target Great Britain will be allowed, provided they are licensed to advertise gambling in their respective countries.

The ads will automatically be classified as non-family safe, meaning they will not show when a user has applied the safe search option., the online casino review website, will monitor the bidding war and report back in the weeks ahead. 



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