Germany 4 – 1 England: “They’re Going Home!”

This entry was posted on Monday, June 28th, 2010

Before the World Cup started not many would have expected the England football team to leave the tournament so prematurely, and in such a lacklustre manner. In the end the so called “Battle of Bloemfontein” was more like a massacre, and as such, a serious post-mortem will now take place. On the end of the game most bookmakers were offering around 7/4 for Fabio Capello to resign before midnight and bets were being taken on the next England manager.

Harry Redknapp is the current favourite with odds of 7/4. However, if Capello does resign quite quickly, it seems unlikely Redknapp will take the job, having done so well in getting Tottenham Hotspur into the Champions League for the coming season. It would appear that Redknapp would prefer to undertake this challenge before accepting the England job, which some say is one that he has always coveted.

Second favourite is Roy Hodgson, who is another English manager of the moment, having performed so well with lowly Fulham last season, bookmakers are offering 7/2, that he accepts the top job. However, it is important here to remember that Roy Hodgson has also been the favourite for the Liverpool managers’ position for some time.

Next in line, according to the bookmakers is Stuart Pearce at 7/1, with Jose Mourniho leading the rest of the field at 12/1. If you fancy Beckham to begin his career in football management with the toughest job of all you can get 33/1.

What is most noticeable about this field is that it is dominated by Englishmen. With England’s performance in this tournament having been so poor it is not difficult to see why. Passion, spirit and fortitude is something England as a team do not tend to lack, what having a foreign manager was supposed to do was bring in a higher level of technical ability and tactical awareness, something which simply has not happened. Bookmakers are in agreement with this reasoning and are currently offering a tiny 1/3 that the next England manager is indeed English.

Perhaps one of the positives to come out of this game should be the advent of video technology in football. Frank Lampard’s fantastic goal having been disallowed when it quite clearly crossed the line is extremely embarrassing for the sport. Subsequently the bookmakers are offering 2/1 that video technology will be trialled at Euro 2012.

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