Future of Gaming: games bigger than films!

This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

It was with great interest today that I viewed on YouTube the longest advert I’ve ever seen for a game. It wasn’t a walkthrough video, nor the developers talking about how they created it. It was in fact a 14 minute and 11 second epic film, setting the scene for the upcoming Assassins Creed II out this Autumn across the world.

It just goes to prove that the video games industry, not even the gambling industry nor the film industry is now the main driver of entertainment. The rise of home entertainment, electronics, computing power and bandwidth are transforming areas of the leisure industry once deemed nerdy and geeky and the lines between passive watching and interaction are firmly merged once and for all. The future is not too far away when 3D televisions are afforadable and then virtual reality will mean we might well be staying in to go out. And no doubt the gambling industry will no doubt be far behind. I’m guessing that we might even see a rise in new gambling styles and games whereby one gambles on what laptimes or kills a gamer can attain in a game. Roulette and Poker might be games of yesteryear who knows in 10 years time in the home.

For now sit back and view the sumptuous advert. It has a few squeemish moments, but nothing more than a normal Hollywood blockbuster has.

The Future of Gambling – perhaps we should start a thread up on our Online Gaming Forum about it and see what everyone has to say, or by all means add your comments below.

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