Dead Bolt Certs

This entry was posted on Monday, August 24th, 2009

What every one who gambles wants more than anything else is a Dead Cert bet. Whether they wager good will, time or money, narrowing the chance of losing to nil, whilst getting some good odds is the dream. However, bookmakers are not in the business of being too favourable to the punter and Dead Certs end up being dead bets.

But is it worth putting your house on a dead cert and what dead certs have there been lately and perhaps worth it in the future? The first inkling that the bookies believe they have a dead cert in a race, poll, contest etc is the Odds-On price they put on the Favourite. But even Odds-on favourites are not all dead certs.

In the world of gambling there are probably only a few gambles you just know will have one outcome, but you hope the bookie doesn’t agree or otherwise the odds will be set so short the returning winning payment will be too miniscule even when one has put the ‘house’ on it.

For me the Lightning Bolt that is, Usain Bolt, is the closest one has come to a dead cert bet in recent years. The pace at which he runs has blown away his competition both physically and mentally. He’s probably won the race whilst still discarding his tracksuit before the race has started such is his speed the other competitors are probably hoping for Silver at best. Mind games are just as important in modern day sport, and they make a huge difference when the difference in winning and losing is hundreds of a second. Unless, you are Usain Bolt that is whose raw speed and relaxed talent just makes him metres better still. Whether it’s the 100m or 200m he’s a dead cert each time for now.

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