Congressman Ackerman rips into SEC – Ghostbuster!

This entry was posted on Sunday, February 15th, 2009

They breed them tough in New York, straight talking, no dilly dallying. When the world financial markets are in turmoil and bankers feel saying ‘sorry’ is all they have to do, who should you call to get to the bottom of it all? Ghostbusters? No. Congressman Ackerman.

At last week’s Capital Hill hearings over the dealings by the SEC of the Barry Madoff’s ponzi scheme he ripped into them and the combined looks on their admonished faces said it all. Despite whistle blower, Harry Markopolos leaking information to the SEC about the scheme 10 years ago, the SEC never conducted an investigation.

Oh how we should fly him over to question Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, the Bankers and civil servants who made such a mess of our banking institutions and economy. He’d get answers, he’d get results.

And then we’d fly him back and ask him to investigate the US gambling business and politicians there to see why certain politicians want online casinos banned from outside the US, but are happy to keep things like horseracing and greyhounds and their casinos outside the UIGEA ban.

If this is the new breed of questioning by the Barack Obama administration then bring it on! Love it!

Watch the clip – it really is very funny, good and poignant. Lots of people have lost everything and many more than they could afford. People who have a duty should make sure they do their duty and not opt for safety and a quiet life.

Congress Ackerman we salute you.

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