Christmas No 1 – Rage Against The Machine v’s Cowell’s Xfactor Winner

This entry was posted on Sunday, December 20th, 2009

The Xfactor, Britain’s most watched TV talent show, crowned Joe McElderry its winner last weekend. Simon Cowell’s creation in recent years has then grabbed the UK’s coveted Christmas No 1 Single position, but this year there is a groundswell of protestors on both Facebook and Twitter leading a campaign to put real music, not manufactured and manipulated pop on top of the charts.

It’s alleged that Cowell has a large stake in Sony Record’s Rage Against The Machine and even this face off between the two contenders is just a way for him to make even more money. Let’s not put it past him, the manipulation of the media week after week by who and what happens on Xfactor is headline news and lapped up by the public. The ultimate ringmaster? The svengali in the centre of zheitgeist? Very possibly, but even the competition for No 1 is pure entertainment.

The bookies are happy to, years of foregone conclusions about the Chritsmas No 1 winner has a bit of edge, prices for Rage Against The Machine are shortening every day and Joe’s price is lengthening. Will the power of Twitter and Facebook put the people’s choice at the top of the charts? We’ll all find out Christmas Eve, but if you want a festive flutter then Betfair probably offers the best odds on the two protagonists. It’s just a shame you can’t bet on Cowell not being involved, those would be long odds indeed.

…And next year for Cowell? A rumoured prime time television show centred around politics; well 2010 is election year in the UK so who knows what will happen – Brown v’s Cameron v’s Clegg on a stage dancing, singing and juggling near you soon!

Have you bought either record this year? Let us know your thoughts below…

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9 Responses to Christmas No 1 – Rage Against The Machine v’s Cowell’s Xfactor Winner

  1. JC says:

    And the winner is …. Not the Xfactor! Rage At The Machine wins by 50,000 downloads/sales over Joe McElderry and is the UK’s Christmas No 1 Single

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  6. I’m not sure I fathom why so many people are making such a ruckus over Simon’s leaving. I happen to prefer Paula, but both are have jumped ship we will see how the show fares with a different lineup.

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