Busy Week

This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Wow – what a busy week – and we’re not even done yet! Sunday saw a stunning finish to the Formula 1 championship, with the two main players that everyone was talking about – Alonso & Weber, losing out to Sebastian Vettel. Leading up to the race, there had even been some speculation that Vettel might let Weber through, if need be, but in the end, both the other contenders got stuck way back in the pack, giving us the youngest ever world champion – a title won by Lewis Hamilton not so long ago.

And yesterday saw 2 news events, one bigger than the other. Firstly, massive news in that Prince William and Kate Middleton, finally announced that they’re to be wed. After several years of an on and off relationship, the Queen can finally get herself a new hat (I guess you won’t get that unless you used to watch Blind Date – oh well). The second piece of news has snuck somewhat under the radar – the first trial on a human for stroke treatment with stem cells was undertaken in Glasgow. If the treatment proves effective, it has the potential to be able to repair the damaged brain cells, though it will likely be many years before the outcome of the trials is known.

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