Bet A Nissan Micra Racing To Mongolia For Charity Makes It

This entry was posted on Monday, July 20th, 2009

1,000 teams started racing to Mongolia this weekend and our interest lies with two mad Englishmen who are attempting the 10,000 miles in a beaten up Nissan Micra. The rules are simple, you need a vehicle of 1 litre or less and you have to end up in Mongolia, everything else is left up to the insane teams. For all the latest news follow the pair at

Simon & Tom's Battered Nissan Micra, No 83

Simon & Tom's Battered Nissan Micra, No 83

Simon Todd and Tom Henry are our two plucky individuals we will be following over the next few weeks. We bet they’ll make it, and we’ll update the blog here and our Twitter Oggs feed as news comes in from wherever their map reading skills take them.

In the Mongol Rally there is no set course – you choose whatever path you like. They have chosen the southern route, London to Ulaanbaatar, undoubtedly the tougher route; braving the extreme heat of the Kazakh desert, skirting Afghanistan/Iraq and straight across Iran. Initial plans show that they are going to be travelling through fourteen (or more) countries!

Their route from London to Mongolia

Their route from London to Mongolia

One of the main reasons of the Mongolia Rally is to raise huge amounts for excellent charities in order to spread prosperity to areas of the world less fortunate than ourselves. In 2009 there are three overall Official Charities and all the funds raised by the teams supporting them will be directed to projects therein. The main charity is Mercy Corps, who are helping to assist nomadic people to the challenges of modern day life by supporting rural communities and herding families, through a range of projects that help them live an independent and sustainable life. The other two charities are children’s charities, CYPPD (Children and Young Peoples Protection Development) and CNCF (Christina Noble Childrens Foundation), who run a variety of projects in that change the lives of kids who have often been given a pretty rough hand in life. We’ll be donating, will you? The boys would like to say that any donations would be really appreciated. Cheers!

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