5th Test

This entry was posted on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Soon it will all be over…

England will be demoralised after that dreadful final day in Melbourne, desperate just to get home (those who are going home at least), and were the inferior team even when the aforementioned deficiencies were yet to rear their head. In other words – better to burn money than back them at 4.5. The baggy greens have only had two indifferent days throughout the entire series. Which admittedly is more than England have had good ones.

In the good old days of Warne, Gilchrist, Waugh etc, Australia used to donate the last test match to England, almost out of a sense of embarrassment. Sydney became England’s home – where 0-4 became a triumphant 1-4, which was in no way a consolation. Oh no.

But the trouble with this Aussie XI is twofold; they have been handed their bottoms a few too many times by England over the past five years not to want to rub their noses in it all the way, and secondly, they aren’t quite good enough to be able to relax without worrying for their places (a problem the 90s generation never had.)

There is also no rain currently forecast so you can forget the draw. Lehmann would have made sure that a results wicket has been prepared.

Injury-wise, there are doubts over the fitness of Shane Watson and Ryan Harris. Watson hasn’t had a great series anyway so won’t be too much of a miss, whilst Ryan Harris will be desperate to complete his first ever five-test series. He will play.

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